The History of the NGAP

Under the provisions of the Revised Charter of the Philippine Amateur Athletic Federation, or the Republic Act 3135, every organized sport in the country was made autonomous. On this was born The Philippine Amateur Golf Association ( PAGA ).

The National Golf Association of the Philippines ( NGAP ) was registered at SEC in 1997. It was first known as the Republic of the Philippines Golf Association (RPGA) in 1970. The first organizational meeting of PAGA was held on December 27, 1961 at the PAAF Sports Grill. Seventy-seven individuals representing forty-nine organizations promoting the game of golf attended.

The Constitution and By -Laws of the Association, conforming with the guideposts set by the PAAF were approved. An Ad Interim Board of Directors was elected. This body carried on the task of organizing the various committees, setting up an office ad notifying all concerned about the association. The first Board of Directors of the PAGA was formally elected at a meeting on February 17, 1962. Temporary office was set up at the Public Relations room of the Admakers – Dentsu Building in Aurora Blvd., and Balete Drive in Quezon City. Thus, the operations of the association began. What the Board aimed to achieve, and did carry out, can be summed up in Article II, Section I of the PAGA Constitution and By-Laws uner the heading PURPOSES, as read above… Primary Objective.

During the first years, golf equipment was tax-free importation. But for some reasons, golf equipment was classified as a nonessential in the list of Central Bank. No more golf equipment came in free taxes. In 1961, there were only about 15,000 golfers in the Philippines. PAGA had 5,473 individual members listed in 33 regular member clubs,14 associate member clubs and one affiliate club.