NGAP Services

  • Acts as Central Body to represent the Philippine Golf Clubs in Local and International Affairs.
  • National Handicapping Identification System.
  • Course rating of golf courses by USGA – certified course raters from NGAP.
  • Conducts Seminars on:
  1. Rules of Golf
  2. Caddie Functions
  3. Tournament Organizations
  • Trains and Accredits Rulesmen.
  • Oversees the management and supervision of NGAP-sanctioned tournaments as in providing tournament and / or rules officials.
  • Provides general golf information ( disseminates free Rules of Golf booklets ).
  • Supports the training of the National Training Pool.
  • Develops Philippine Golf through organization and conduct of local tournaments.
  • Promotes Golf and Tourism through participation in International Tournaments and Conventions.

NGAP, with the assistance of the Philippine Sports Commission, supports the training of the National Pool. NGAP holds its election of the Board every two years. An Annual Council Meeting is held where representatives from its member clubs attend to discuss matters pertaining to golf, NGAP President and the treasurer give their Reports during this Annual Meeting.


The ultimate purpose of the NGAP handicapping system is to produce a handicap index for each member of a golf club or association. The handicap index ranks players against each other and allows players of different abilities to compete head-to-head equally. The index of a good player will be lower than the index of a poor player. When two golfers play against each other, better golfers are required to give an advantage to worse players. The amount of the advantage is determined by the difference of their handicaps.

In order to calculate handicaps equally, each participating golf course must be rated based on its difficulty. Golf courses are given a course rating and a slope rating that is based on how difficult the course is. A hard course will have a high rating and an easy course will have a lower rating. The rating of courses allows a handicap system to calculate similar handicap indexes for players who play on different golf courses.

The advantage of a centralized and unified handicapping is that a member can play in any course other than his home course and still have his/her (AWAY) score posted and included for Handicap Index computation. The system must also have provisions for hole-by-hole input in order for ESC (Equitable Stroke Control) to apply. Tournament reduction, where applicable, is also a must factor in handicapping. Combining all of the above requirements is the basis of the NEW NGAP UNIFIED HANDICAPPING SYSTEM.

Please note that only the NGAP is authorized by the USGA to provide Handicap Indices in the Philippines.

Course Rating

Should your club require a rating of your course, the club shall provide the following:

  1. Land or Air transportation of the course raters (Manila-Club-Manila).
  2. Meals of course raters.
  3. Accommodation.
  4. Pay Course Rating Fee of ( Free for NGAP member clubs);
    P50,000.00 (18 holes) for non-NGAP member clubs.
    P70,000.00 (36 holes) for non-NGAP member clubs.

Note: Course Rating usually takes 1 up to 2 days for an 18 hole course depending on the weather condition.

Official Course Raters:

Henry P. Arabelo
Michael Imperial
Christopher Igaya